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What We Quote is What You Pay

At Performance Fabricators Inc. we don’t believe in hidden charges and soft estimates that are bound to balloon. An experienced building contractor will do a thorough estimate and fully explain the proposal so that you know the true cost before work begins.

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Working With Performance Fabricators - Custom Building Just Got Easier!

We’re a company that believes in being upfront with everything. When everyone is on the same page your project will go smoothly. We start the process with a free estimate. Our construction contractors will explain every option available and work with you one-on-one to create a custom design based on your unique needs and aesthetics.

Customization Made Easy

No two buildings of ours are alike since we fabricate our own building components and construct from the ground up. Because we do so much of the work ourselves, customization is easy and we’re able to pass the savings on to our clients. When you compare the costs you’ll find a custom structure from Performance Fabricators Inc. is just as affordable as other options.

Streamlined Process

Almost everything is handled in-house by the Performance Fabricators team, which creates a streamlined, efficient process that most other construction contractors can’t offer. We are extremely agile and keep everything moving forward once you decide to build. After signing a construction contract we’ll begin working right away to finalize the design, create all of the custom components and order the necessary supplies.

Next, our team will begin clearing the site to pour the foundation. Once that’s set, our contractors get to work building the steel framing, putting up the sheeting or exterior, installing insulation and adding any other finishing touches upon request.

We offer guarantees thru manufacturers – Plus, a 3-4 month warranty on labor for residential projects and 1-year warranty on commercial builds.

In a matter of weeks you could have a complete, turn-key structure that you designed yourself!